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Erwin has spent more than 20 years doing journalism. He helped build and nurture an editorial team that produced local multimedia content for the Yahoo! Philippines. Prior to that, he was also among the pioneering tech journalists who followed the high-tech industry closely. Erwin now spends days conjuring new products for Samsung Electronics Philippines–digital products, that is. Erwin takes inspiration from his rocker daughters who obsess over the boy band Big Time Rush and loving and supportive wife who is an expert in Candy Crush and make-up. IMG_0934Erwin is passionate about music. He plays guitar in indie band called “Sam Must Swim.” So far, they have released one album titled “Let’s Get Wet.” Erwin loves to read and write. He started blogging under the pseudonym Cyberbaguioboy when his second daughter was born back in 2004. He later embraced social media because it was hard to ignore it. You can follow him on Twitter (@erwinoliva) or on Facebook (erwinoliva). (All opinions expressed in this blog are his, and doesn’t represent the company he is currently employed).

4 thoughts on “A short bio”

  1. Good day! sorry for posting a comment just to ask you something (i hope I’m not being rude). I am currently studying at UP Diliman and I couldn’t get to talk to you because the people at cmc said that your class was only during Saturday, and whenever I go there, you weren’t in the classroom anymore. I need to interview an online journalist for my report on tuesday and seeing that you are currently the country’s editor for Yahoo! Southeast Asia, you are the perfect guy for the task :). I only have 6 questions which will probably take about 15 minutes to answer. Thank you and I look forward to knowing more about the promising realm of online journalism. (I’ll send the questions when you approve of my request)

  2. Hi sir, Good morning, sorry to email you at this kind of time. by the way po, I am Cyndel Gaviola, Masscomm student from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, we will be holding a seminar po this february 3,2012, the theme will be Newsual Media: Issues and Challenges in Print Industry and one of the topics po is about Issues and Trends in Blogging or online journalism. We would like to invite you po to be our guest speaker. Sir, our formal invitation and other information will be send through your mail, if you would give us a chance po na malaman yung email address or contact number niyo. Thank you so much and God bless 🙂

  3. Hi! Sorry if this is a bit informal but I don’t know how else to contact you. I’m with the local office of an international film distribution company. Hope you can send me an email so I can discuss my agenda. I also dropped you a message through your about me page. Thanks!

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