Wave 89.1 interview: Anne and Jada, the Breakfast Duo

From Joey Alarilla’s blog:

Listen to our radio interview about Purple Thumb and other election-related topics seen on Yahoo! I just sound different on radio, haha.

Also, do check out Anne and Jada’s Meme from Yahoo! Follow them.

‘Bloggers are journalists’

Jayvee Fernandez of A Bugged Life sent me this message about a podcast he did featuring a local PR executive talking about ‘bloggers as journalist.” It is an intriguing discussion, which highlights a changing view of the bloggers’ role in the market.

The podcast, about 25 minutes long, features PR executive Geiser Maclang discussing her work as a “publicist” and how her firm is increasingly eyeing bloggers for publicity.

Joey Alarilla discussed this recently in Blog Addicts in a post titled, “Let’s be bloggers for truth.

At times as humorous as it was heartfelt, the good priest’s prayer was a timely reminder of our need to be responsible bloggers. Sure, we blog for different reasons, and as I’ve said many times, including in this blog post for CNET Asia, bloggers are not journalists, and journalists, even though we may blog, are journalists first, with different standards, different values, than bloggers.

This does not mean, however, that we cannot celebrate our differences, and learn from each other. Frankly, the danger I see now in everyone’s mad rush to become bloggers, and of companies, politicians and other groups to court the favor of bloggers, is that people may no longer see the need for objectivity, or learn to distinguish press releases from real stories.

I’ve also posted this topic on Blog Addicts this week.

Gaming LOL

I just finished downloading the latest Hackenslash podcast. Here’s a description of the latest episode. I never knew a former a Philippine president and the current one are gamers. LOL. 🙂

Episode 4: Ragnarok and Roll
Level Up! Philippines COO Sheila Paul and marketing services manager Jake San Diego talk about Ragnarok 2 and Perfect World. Hosted by Joey Alarilla, Leo Magno, Jayvee Fernandez, Alex Villafania and Claire Chan, with special guests Ike Entiendes, Erap Espada, Market Roxas, Danton Ajinomoto and Gloria Labandera.

Eleksyon 2007 podcast goes live

As I discussed in an early posting, we’re delivering more multimedia content to our readers. The latest features an interview podcast with senatorial bet Aquilino Pimentel III. Excerpted story on INQUIRER.net:

ADDING a new dimension to its multimedia coverage of the upcoming May elections, INQUIRER.net has unveiled the Eleksyon 2007 podcast, with senatorial bet Aquilino Pimentel III making history as the first guest in what will become a regular feature of the site.

In a podcast that lasted more than an hour, Pimentel, a lawyer who is running for senator as a member of the Partidong Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan or PDP-Laban, under the grand opposition coalition, gamely answered all questions thrown by the editors and reporters of INQUIRER.net led by editor in chief JV Rufino and Breaking News editor Lynette Luna.

Listen to the Hackenslash podcast

Hackenslash, the gaming website of INQUIRER.net has launched its own podcast, starting with a first episode that features Hackenslash editor and ‘DJ’ Joey Alarilla and co-hosts Leo Magno (father of hackenslash) and Jayvee Fernandez (technology channel editor of global network b5media.com). The trio spent more than 20 minutes talking about games, ehem, girls (in gaming), and, well, more games. I don’t want to spoil the fun and the surprise. So just point your mouse arrow here, and click.

Here’s a snippet from the story I wrote about the podcast.

MANILA, Philippines–INQUIRER.net’s computer game website, hackenslash.net, has launched the first episode of its podcast, its editor said Monday.

The podcast features game news, reviews and interviews with key personalities in the local gaming scene.

“I’m really happy that our site was the first to launch an INQUIRER.net podcast and I’m grateful for the support of INQUIRER.net editor in chief JV Rufino; of course, it’s also a challenge to live up to expectations, since we’re the first, and hackenslash is an expansion site, at that. Don’t worry, though, you can expect other INQUIRER.net podcasts to debut in the weeks and months to come,” hackenslash editor Joey Alarilla said.

Here’s a behind-the-scene look at the making of this first episode from INQUIRER.net TV.