#maringPH: Floods paralyzed Metro Manila

(UPDATED) Meet the Startups: Quick tour of #angelhackmnl

#angelhackmnlUPDATE: A group from Davao won #angelhackmnl!. Read about it on Interaksyon.com. Their hack, dubbed Page Snapp, allows anyone to manage multiple Facebook pages using a mobile device. They beat 40 other teams.

I was not able to come back on Sunday to witness this due to daddy duties. But JM Tuazon of Interaksyon also got the story on AngelHack’s founder and CEO Greg Gopman’s plans to set up shop in Manila. I saw some of the people he’s looking for. One is VP for Communications. If you’re interested go drop him a message on Facebook. (By now, he’s off to Boracay!).


I dropped by AngelHack Manila #angelhackmnl today with a bit of hesitation.

I have been reading a lot of these events happening here in the Philippines, but I didn’t have an idea what was going down there. (Okay, I felt old seeing younger people hacking their way into a problem).

Having been covering the technology industry back in 1990s, witnessing groups of developers and designers hunched over their laptops was surreal. Okay, the balloons were a bit misplaced, but you get a picture of a fun place for future entrepreneurs. The Nerf guns were also present. So check on the geekiness of this event.

AngelHack is a global movement that is now coming to our shores. It happens on a weekend. Developers and designers are essentially housed in this place for more than 24 hours. Their goal: hack, win some seed funding (in this case, P2.4 million pesos), and get a chance to do this again in Silicon Valley. And if you’re THAT good, you may soon be talking to VCs.

In short, this is not exactly your typical technology event where products are shown. These guys are building one as we speak. Hackathons have been in existence since computers were invented. The word hack–which has evolved to mean something bad–is actually a badge of honor among these group of smart people. They wear it on their sleeves.


#angelhackmnl signI met AngelHack’s young founder and CEO Greg Chopman who was wearing comfortable shorts and shirt–not your idea of a CEO. I just found out that he is now looking for some guys to work for his Philippine operations. So this is good news: People with Money are getting closer with People with Ideas. (I will try to grab him for an interview tomorrow).

Tomorrow, we will know who gets the prize money and the chance to show off their hack abroad.

Thanks to Nick Bautista-Wilwayco who invited me over to my first hackathon.