Ok Go and their love for dogs

I recently stumbled upon this music video from Ok Go. It’s their latest, geeky take on a new song “White Knuckles.”

Excerpt from my Fit to Post article:

The geeky band that created a viral choreographed music video “A Million Ways”  and the hit “Here it Goes Again,” has done it again. Now, the viral music video that is making rounds on social networks  involves trained canines and, er, well trained humans too.

Here’s the video that’s going viral.

White Knuckles

In the age of digital, some are going analog

Rolling Stone features a story on the revival of vinyl love during the age of MP3.

I guess some purists still enjoy listening to the scratchy sound of songs played on a traditional turntable. I stil have one vinyl record left. It’s a Frank Zappa album Overnight Sensation given by a friend. It’s now collecting dust. I have the whole album in my iPOD.

The issue with vinyl versus MP3 is really a non-issue. For collectors, vinyl is like those minted comic books that have to be kept enclosed to protect it from wear and tear. Digital technology has allowed music to last longer. Vinyl, the article says, gives audiophile the satisfaction of listening to the “missing sonic properties” of a song lost in digitization. I believe people who collect vinyl also own an iPOD. Both will exist for a long time until they find another way of storing and preserving music for a longer, longer time.

Pinoy rock icon Howlin’ Dave dies

One of the country’s well-known DJs who played punk music in Philippine radio, and eventually helped Pinoy rock bands like Juan dela Cruz get radio play, has passed away.


MANILA, Philippines — Howlin’ Dave, the radio DJ recognized as the voice of Filipino rock on station dzRJ, passed away Monday morning after suffering a stroke, two days after he collapsed at home and was rushed to East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City. He was 52.

The announcer, whose real name was Dante David, was the son of radio personality Uncle Nick, who worked at ABS-CBN station dzXL in the 1960s.

Who is Howlin’ Dave? Here’s an interesting article by Pinoy music journalist Eric Caruncho.

I was looking for photos of Howlin’ Dave and found this website, called Pinoy Rock, hosted by Geocities. I also found this blog by his brother called, Kwentong Tambay, that had his more recent photos before he said goodbye.

Akira Yamaoka and video game symphony

Music4Games recently had a chat with Akira Yamaoka, the guy behind a video game symphony.

Gamers will immediately recognize the tunes he has composed.