Clay Shirky: Social Media and the making of history

This has been one of my favorite Ted Talks of all of time. It comes from Clay Shirky.

From his TED Talks bio:

“Shirky is an adjunct professor in New York Universityʼs graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program, where he teaches a course named “Social Weather.” Heʼs the author of several books. This spring at the TED headquarters in New York, he gave an impassioned talk against SOPA/PIPA that saw 1 million views in 48 hours.”

Watch and learn.

Can we buy happiness?

What you’re about to see are two contrasting videos about happiness. One talks about using money to buy happiness for someone else. The other video talks about happiness that is unconditional. Everyday, we deal with the concept of happiness, but very few of us do understand what it really means.