‘Lukayo’ docu on You Tube

In the course of doing research for an assignment in my MA course, I discovered the controversial documentary put together by Howie Severino, a known journalist who now works with GMA Network.

Severino’s documentary on a group of old women, called Lukayos, parading wooden phallusses after a wedding in a small town in the Philippines caused the suspension of the TV show that aired it.

Shown in GMA’s i-Witness public affairs program, the documentary was deemed obscene forcing the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board to suspend the show.

But Filipinos are creative and somehow some people have found a way to post these controversial film on You Tube. It was quite a long show, so it is divided into five parts.

Here’s the first part of the video. You will see the rest of videos in the same link. Below is part four of the video segment.

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5 thoughts on “‘Lukayo’ docu on You Tube”

  1. You know what? it’s one of the first times of my life that i was really feeling free to laugh or should i say smile in a way i felt so relieved.It’s been a long time…..

    The artist is right(ramon obusan), there is nothing filthy about the tradition at all. It just depends on the how people see it their way.

    Haaay, kelan kaya tayo makakaalpas sa ganitong pananaw sa buhay. Ang pennis ng lalaki ay hindi immoral gaya ng sinabi ng pari. It is god’s creation for us to chereish di ba. At yun naman ang totoong itsura ng penis so i can see nothing wrong with it except baka “iba ang itsura ng penis ni father”.

  2. thanks for the comment. And thanks for coming back to read my archives. I almost forgot about this one. Yes, Howie Severino is one of the respected journalists. And here’s an example of his work. But apparently, some people/sectors will find this offensive. I was also smiling watching this video (there are more). But I was smiling because I find it amusing that people will find this video docu offensive. Yan ang problema natin mga pilipino minsan. We call this bastos, but there are more offensive things we see on TV that I would like MTRCB to regulate 😉 You know what I mean.

  3. There is nothing filthy about this. Other cultures like the Japanese have a phallic festival. This is cultural for God’s sake not pornographic!

  4. I agree. It’s really a tough call for MTRCB to tag that docu “malaswa.” I guess showing phalluses is more filthy than showing beautiful women in skimpy dresses with bosoms exploding out of there, er, blouses.

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