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His name is Joel Christopher Remandaban (not Remadan as earlier posted). He’s Filipino and he made his millions in the US as an Internet marketing guru. He was in Manila hoping to help fellow citizens become enterpreneurs. In my brief interview with him in Manila, he surprised, entertained, and moved me with his stories of success. I’ve done hundreds of interviews in my career. This recent one with him is among the top interviews I will never forget. I can’t also forget the time he brought out wads of money (dollars) and asked me if I wanted a million dollar. Then he hands me this fake million dollar bill with his face on it (see photo above). He later explains the fake one million dollar bill was his business card.

Read my story on him at Technology. You can also see his blog here.

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  1. Hi, your story about Joel is so inspiring, I thought I should be able to meet him, even if only through emails. I have always been fascinated by internet marketing that I actually signed up for an Internent MLM (multi-level marketing)program. I was enticed by their claims of sure success and support. But what I realized is that, I seem to have to buy a never ending list of programs/books that each promises to be what I only need to succeed.

    I guess with a successful Filipino like Joel, and with his objective of helping other Filipinos, I should feel confident that I will get the support that I need to embark on Internet marketing. I am based in Australia with my family and just like Joel is dreaming to come home one day to retire in the Philippines and be able to help our relatives back home and possibly our kababayans, uplift their economic wellbeing. Maraming Salamat.

  2. Hi Erwin,

    I’ll be back to Manila 2 months from now to help our kababayans to make more money, have a better lifstyle and achieve their goals easier and faster…

    Let’s hook up!

    Joel Christopher Remandaban
    “The MasterListBuilder”

  3. Hi Erwin,

    We missed each other while I was earlier this year but I’ll be back in Manila next week for our 2nd Philippine Trade Mission.

    I’d like to meet with you again so I can update you on the big progress my Philippine team has made since we first met 2 years ago.

    When you interviewed me, I was part of the delegation of the very first Philippine Trade Mission composed of Filipino-American business owners who went to the Phil. to look for ways to help provide job and business opportunities for our fellow Filipinos back home…

    Back then, all I had was a hope and a plan to start building an internet outsourcing team to provide job and business opportunities to our fellow Pinoys.

    Back then I hired ONLY 1 person…my very first team member was Mimi who was also my first student scholar back in 1993.

    Now we have 2 offices, one in Manila and one in Leyte with 26 team members and growing!

    I would love you share more with you and your readers.

    Let’s definitely get together while I’m there.

    Salamat at Mabuhay!

    Joel Christopher Remandaban
    “The MasterListBuilder”

  4. I don’t know why but not a lot of marketing gurus don’t like him. Ask everywhere on the net. Are the testimonials the latest ones?

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