Educ execs want English spoken in Cordi schools

Here’s an interesting piece of news. According to this report (written by kabayan Vincent Cabreza), Baguio and nearby Cordillera schools are gearing up for an expected boom in the city, and the increasing demand for English-speaking professionals.

When I was there last week, I found out from ClientLogic executives that they view Baguio as an interesting location for their operations. Apart from the people’s ease in using English to communicate with each other, this region is also attracting South Koreans who are studying English. While were having coffee in one shop in SM Baguio, a friend observed that there were one Korean out of five people passing us by. I also met a South Korean visitor last week. I asked him why are they in Baguio. He said it was the nearest Southeast Asian country that can speak English very well. And I thought they just loved the cool weather in Baguio 😉

I studied at the University of Baguio Science High School. During our time, our director Emmet Asuncion required everyone in school to speak only in English. When you’re caught speaking the local dialect, you’re fined. Some of my friends at that time laughed at the idea (we were also wearing neck ties at that time). But looking back, that idea helped a lot in my career.

Requiring everyone in Cordillera schools to speak in English is a good and yet daunting task. But I am all for it. Good luck!

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