I’m here, and there…

Does that make sense? Well, here’s something that will. If you love Friendster, mySpace, and Sims 2, you’ll love Groovenet.ph. It is a social networking service that comes with 3D avatars. So imagine yourself as a virtual character, where you can meet other people (avatars) and chat with them either by instant messaging or voice.

Groovenet.ph is a local brand of There, a 3D social networking service developed in the US. It is now in the Philippines. It is the rival of Second Life.

The game is free-to-play, which means you can play it for free. But to enjoy it you need to buy items to change your look, style, skills, etc. You can even buys homes, vehicles, and other things you can find in the real world.

Word of caution: this game can be addicting. It is a casual game (although not exactly a game). If you love to meet people online, this is another way. One of the cool things about this is the voice chat, which allows you to talk literally to someone online. No need to type.

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