RP startup shows its online ‘groove’ (Update)

I had the chance to interview the people behind local firm Groovenet, the local licensee of There. There is an online social networking game that comes with virtual characters. Think of Sims 2. But in this game, the other virtual characters (avatars) are real people. You can chat with them. You can even talk to them via the VoIP service within the game. The VoIP service can be used to literally talk to other people who are online. But it won’t allow you to “call” people outside the game. Currently, in “alpha” stage, the game suffers from hiccups. I started playing it this week. I met some people, made at least seven friends, and even used VoIP to chat with so-called “greeters” in the game. It was a cool way of meeting people, indeed. But I was often booted out by errors in the game. I hope they’ll fix the bugs soon.

One interesting feature in this game allows you to view someone else’s profile if you click on their avatar. So this game/service is like Sims 2, mySpace, Friendster all combined.

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