Want a snack?

snack (snăk) N. A hurried or light meal. Food eaten between meals.

I was browsing through Craiglist, and I found this interesting snack. No, not that kind of snack you eat while watching TV. I mean the snack that you can take away while you’re stuck in traffic. The snack that you can listen to, watch, or even play with. We’re often rushing. We take hurried meals to get by. Now, apply that to information. Everyday, we get literally spammed with information. Too much information is noise. So what do we do now?

Here’s something I find worth your time. Think of any content that can be turned into digital format. Okay, there are a lot. But think of shrinking them into bite sizes, then package them to make it more appealing, and “tasty.” What you get is snack TV, radio, Internet, basketball, etc. You get my drift.

Back to the Craiglist. I discovered Audiosnacks by accident. I had no clue what it was. But after reading what it offered, it hit me. This is it. This is one way of distributing content to people with short attention spans. Audionsnacks offers audio tours created by people. These people are either amateurs or pros. But what they do is a lot more important. They produce bite-size audio tours of a place, and they sell them online through Audiosnacks for at least 10 dollars. (I hope less).

If you take this model as an example, you can now apply this to any form of content. It can be news, movies, radio, TV, etc. People can choose any flavor they want. They can download this to their mobile phone, MP3 players or other devices.

Well, that’s just my thought. But I hope you liked it.

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