media ethics 2006 with chay

media ethics 2006 with chay, originally uploaded by cyberbaguioboy.

Here’s our class photo (our facilitator/teacher Chay is in the middle). It was a long, three and a half days of Media Ethics. But it was such an eye opener to learn about the issues/ problems surrounding our practice today.

From left (standing) is Kariel, Usha, Booma, Gen, Chay, Nanette, Marieton, Anisha, Ditas, Noel, Fiona, (at the back from right) Arun, Bruce, Tung, Sophal, Newmond, Myo, Zak, Joshua. (Sitting from left) is Erel, Josh, Erwin, Susan, and Karen – Cedelf not in picture because he took this shot.

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