Government to save P1.2B from unified ID

Alex Villafania reports on that government will save about 1.2 billion pesos once it implements the controversial unified ID system. Details can be read here. Meanwhile, police continue their clamp down on software pirates in the country, raiding two computer shops in popular shops in Iloilo City.

Joey Alarilla also blogs about the new iTunes 7 version at CNET Asia. “‘I’ve updated my iTunes app, and as you can see from the screenshot, you can now download casual games from the iTunes online store,” he wrote. Down at ComputerWorld Philippines, it is BPO galore and education/training.

If you missed the recent Cyberpress 4-Play forum on convergence, you can still download presentations here. Blogger Abe Olandres aka Yugatech also features a new service from Globe: Speak and Surf.

Finally, here’s a funny YouTube parody on Lord of the Rings.

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