Philippine indie bands find home online

This is long overdue. I’ve been hoping that someone or a local company would start selling Filipino music from indie bands. This idea is not really new (I believe many have already thought about this), but Mobiuslive is on the right track. For 15 to 20 pesos, you can buy songs from indie bands. You can also preview their songs online. The beta site will be up October 2, 2006. Know the details here at

Meanwhile, it is “Game Over” for Philippine gaming magazine Gamemaster, writes Joey Alarilla. He added:

As the cover proclaims, it’s “Game Over” for the country’s pioneering gaming magazine, exactly three years after its first issue hit the stands in September 2003.

The irony of it all is that GamesMaster has a lot of loyal readers. It wasn’t a problem of readership or market reach. For three years, this pioneering mag proved that Filipinos want to read about games.

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