Ninotchka Rosca on technology, writing and women

I was lucky to have caught up with New York-based author and activitist Ninotchka Rosca. I exchange email messages with her and found her responses intriguing and downright funny. This report is about the exchange.

Read the full version on Infotech or see excerpt below:

NEW YORK-BASED Filipino author and feminist Ninotchka Rosca is working on a gender analysis of the war in Iraq for an October 28th statement of the Women’s Anti-Imperialist League or WAIL/US when this writer caught up with her via e-mail.

She is also busy writing an update for the Women’s Media Center website on the final report issued by the Women’s Human Rights Delegation of the National Lawyers Guild and the Center for Constitutional Rights.

She is also working on a book based on a 10-year diary of a Filipino housekeeper.

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