rant: losing my connection again

I recently had been getting complaints about Smart Bro. They all point to the bad service and poor customer service. If you want to know more, just go to this website and you’ll understand their frustration.

For the past days I too shared their frustration. As I was trying to find time to finish all my work and my papers in school since Wednesday, I found that my Smart Bro connection was out of commission since October 13 until today, October 15. That’s three days without Internet. I will try my best to be objective about this. But here are just some of the things that I’ve observed.

1. When calling up the Smart Bro customer service support number (6727277), I had to wait an average of 8 minutes just to get to an agent. In most instances, nobody answers. I was using my mobile phone to call them because I don’t have a landline in my home. So that’s money down the drain.

2. Smart Bro should stop telling customers having problems that there are “technical activities” in their area. What does that mean? They should at least be clear about what’s happening. Vague information only makes the situation more frustrating. They should give customers a lowdown, and give them assurances (at least when we should expect service to be back) and tell them what had happened. I had to force such information from the agent. I asked him what’s wrong with the base station, and did they expect this downtime. The agent admitted this was an “unscheduled” downtime, and that they don’t exactly know when it will be up. Yesterday, a girl called me up (after I informed a friend from Smart –thanks Grace) that I was disconnected for days.

3. Customer services should be quick to respond to calls. I know that Smart is now getting more flak by not responding to customer queries. In fact, they have this disclaimer now that all the conversations are recorded for quality assurances. But the thing is, it is hard to get through and talk to an agent. And if you can get through, you’ll get the same answer: “technical activities.”

4. Smart should spend more money on customer service before they should advertise Smart Bro as a solution for sari-sari stores wanting to put up an Internet cafe. Fix these problems first and make the service more reliable, and perhaps you won’t need to market a lot.

Enough said.

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