Controversial pictures on Filipino blog get mixed reactions

A popular Pinoy blogger got mixed reactions from other fellow Pinoy bloggers when he posted “controversial” photos of two British guys (I stand corrected here) posing with a bag beside a statue of Jesus Christ on a cross. Known as Bryanboy, the Pinoy blogger is now being petitioned online (or a group led by Kenneth Ocampo) is requesting the Catholic Church to force the blogger to take down the alleged offensive photos.

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Filipino blogger Bryanboy has angered Filipino Catholic Christians this week after posting a controversial photo in his blog on October 30, 2006.

The photos featured a British man doing a pose in Bryanboy fashion beside a statue of Jesus Christ on a cross.

His post generated mixed reactions on the Internet, including an online petition that labeled the gay Filipino blogger an “antichrist.” The petition was addressed to the Catholic Church, and it urged Bryanboy to remove offending pictures on his website.

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