Stop spreading YouTube video of mascots — Jollibee (UPDATE)

This story has generated a lot of interest last week. Goes to show that Pinoys love “scandals.” Anyway, fellow journalist/blogger Joey Alarilla has also decided to blog about this story. You can read it here. Joey also found this interesting parody of the whole issue done by PinoyspyTV on YouTube.

Here’s an “old” story that we picked up today, and shows how YouTube can be viral. Filipinos are divided on the issue, and you’ll see the various reactions in blogs all over. While others found this video hilarious, some are not amused by it. Of course, Jollibee was not happy, according to an email attributed to one of its executive. A copy of the email has also been circulating on the Internet.

Read the breaking news story at Infotech.

(Disclaimer: some of the contents linked to the story might be offensive to some of you. It depicts two Jollibee mascots in a “distasteful situation,” as one company executive puts it.)

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