Season 2 of Pangya set for RP release

Online fantasy golf game Pangya is quite popular in the Philippines. At least 100,000 people play it daily. Why? It is a casual game, meaning it can be played during a break or when one is bored, unlike other online games which takes months to  finish. Level Up! CEO Jane Walker said casual games will increasingly become more popular in the country, but some of these players will also start playing “hardcore” games. By the way, Pangya means a “perfect shot.” Try the game and you’ll understand.

There is indeed a big market for casual games in the world. As this Wired article puts it, most of the players are women. This market is so big that an international group of gaming developers have created a “special interest group” focused on casual gaming. Casual games is also expected to become a lucractive market for mobile gamers. In fact, casual games (many of them can be played in a few minutes) are now targets for advertising. They call this in-game advertising.

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(Screenshot of Pangya. Source: Wikipedia)

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