Reyes bows out to fellow Pinoy cueist

The game ended almost 1 a.m. Manila time. The much-favored Efren “Bata” Reyes lost to fellow Filipino Ronato Alcano who only won a few games but qualified to play Reyes after winning 10-1 in a previous game. It was a disappointing defeat for Reyes who was expecting to win this time in his own hometown. So the 34-year-old Alcano who was a straight shooter dominated the game, while Reyes suffered a lot of unforced errors, a politically correct term for mistakes or miscues, missing easy shots.

Alcano played a nice game after scoring at least 4 racks until Reyes’ comeback. Then Reyes eventually struggled to climb back after he found his momentum. The score settled at 6-4 (as far as my memory serves me). Then eventually Alcano broke away. The final score was 10-7. I remember the commentator saying that Reyes had so many unforced errors in a game, which caused him this chance to win.

Only a few Filipino cuesists are left. Rodolfo Luat is still in, while top-seeded players Django Bustamante and Alex Pagulayan are out.

(I also did a search on the Internet and found this website, where most of the current scores, news and other information about the World Pool championship are available).

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