New Bond movie: Too long, too confusing

It might be me but I got bored watching the new James Bond movie Casino Royale. Don’t get me wrong. The action was great. But I just can’t understand why it took more than two hours to tell such a simple story. And for them to inject some romance in a Bond film? I think that’s just stretching it too much.

Okay, I understand that the producers and writers wanted something different this time. A Bond who has developed emotions, who falls in love with a beautiful woman (opposite of his playboy image), and has turned quite, er, philosophical is just too confusing. I love Bond films. And the stories were great. But this new movie is bereft of a good story. They just pieced together good action scenes, inserted some dialogues and brief love scenes, and that was it. The editing was also not too good. Scenes change abruptly. Is Hollywood running out of ideas this time? Perhaps the Bond franchise is just too overrated?

The movie is based on Ian Fleming’s first book. This movie in fact introduces James Bond as the new “00” 7, after two successive hits. The movie, however, fails to deliver on the hype (the first scene of a human chase was good though).

And finally, Daniel Craig. He’s a good action actor. But the love scenes just don’t work.

That’s it, enough said.

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