Pacquiao unites Filipinos all over the world

Filipinos badly need a hero, and Manny Pacquiao has somehow stood as one when he destroyed rival boxer Erik Morales in a third “Grand Finale” rubber match last Sunday (Manila time). Apparently suffering from slight fever due to tonsilitis, Pacquiao did not look like he was weak, as he floored Morales in the first round, and later on twice on the third round.

The local news channel that got the exclusive rights to the bout showed Filipinos all over the country and the world celebrating. In Australia, some Filipinos also ended up punching each other prior to the start of the game, the local channel said. Overall, it was a peaceful day in the Philippines since every Filipino was watching this biggest boxing match by a well-known modern day hero.

Pacquiao represents Filipinos who have conquered poverty. A resident of General Santos City, the Filipino boxer literally fought his way up life’s ladder, and now enjoys the fruits of his hard labor and sacrifice. He is currently buidling his dream house in his hometown. Recently, his prayers were granted when his wife gave birth to their daughter.

Pacquiao who is very religious, said after the game that he left it to God when he faced Morales for the third time. He felt sick and had fever the night before his match. He revealed this a few hours after the fight.

As I was watching the fight from home, it was apparent that Morales was the weaker fighter, having to shed off pounds to make it to Pacquiao’s weight category. As many boxing experts have pointed out, losing weight will weaken and slow down any boxer. During the fight, it was evident Pacquiao was faster and stronger.

I found this YouTube video of Pacquiao’s rubber match and the second fight with Morales.

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