(UPDATE) Filipino bloggers tapped for product endorsements, reviews

(UPDATE) I’ve found several reactions to the article I wrote recently. This one was from Advocrazy by Rom Feria.

He wrote:

I have been doing product reviews for international companies back in the late 1990s. Never have I accepted payment from a company to do a review of their product! No matter how you look at it, I believe that it is plain wrong. How can you give credence to your review when people know that you get paid to write/say it. This is so “Microsoftesque” – paying companies to do reviews and survey to ensure that at the end, the study is favorable to them. How can’t it be if YOU ARE GETTING PAID to do it, right?

Migs Paraz, another popular blogger, also added his two-cents’ worth and explained why he is not a problogger. Interesting thoughts.

A local problogger asked me: why don’t I go pro? Honestly, I don’t see myself being a fulltime blogger. Perhaps the closest would be an open source develoepr + SEO/SEM marketer + reader/writer/analyst (in other words, a blogger). I can’t blogging to earn my keep. I am happy with my job. Even if it pays less than some blogger earnings I’ve heard, I can’t imagine how much work it would take to reach them. Also, working with a company gives you access to technologies and opportunities that are out of reach of the solo developer.

Well maybe I could be an “enterprise blogger” – blogging about work and professional stuff, but not for ad revenues and sponsorship. Blogging for influence, perhaps?

Another reason the problogger gave was, don’t you want to just follow your passion? Well I don’t see blogging as my passion – it’s just a complement to what I’m doing. What I’m doing at work now is pretty aligned with my passion so I’ll keep on doing it.

Indeed, as the original article said professional bloggers like Abe Olandres are different from journalists. In fact, Abe does not want to be tagged as a journalist. And here’s an interesting rejoinder from Abe on the same issue.

Someone once asked me what’s the difference between pro and non-pro. I said the pro’s get paid to do it. A professional driver gets paid to drive; a professional photographer gets paid to shoot pictures; a professional basketball player gets paid to play hoops; a professional crier gets paid to cry on burials.

In the same sense, a professional blogger gets paid to, you guessed it, blog. So, what’s so damn wrong if professional bloggers are getting paid to blog, except for the fact that the concept is so new to people beyond their 40’s (excuse the pun)?

Professional blogging is still in its infancy in this 3rd world country of ours and that every day, income generation evolves just as it was first revolutionized when Google Adsense was born in mid-2003. Do I need to enumerate them still?

Yes, it is also happening in the Philippines. Bloggers are now tapped for product endorsements and reviews. Bloggers are getting more attention because of the power of their reach (viral marketing) and influence. But not all blogs are the same. And not all bloggers are willing to be used by advertisers and companies.

One interesting discussion here is that bloggers are increasingly becoming “journalist” in the sense that they also deliver information/news. However, they don’t want to be confined to the mold of a journalist. They believe they occupy a different role. This is debateable.

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