Smart broooo is slooowwww again

I thought our website, was just too slow these past few days. .But when I checked my Smart Bro connection, I found that my download and upload speed averages at 2,056 bytes per second, or even lower. !@#$%^.

My connection (which should be at least 384Kbps) is even slower than a dial-up service. I’ve been receiving recent complaints/ horror stories about Smart Bro’s service. These complaints are now happening from different areas. What’s wrong? But when I did a speedtest on, my download speed was at 378 Kbps, while my upload is at 120Kbps. That’s weird. My window speed indicator shows different numbers. Which to believe now? I tried to access the mobile version of, and still no luck. It’s just way too slow.

But Gmail and this blog is accessible.

Also I have been having trouble accessing Yahoo! Messenger lately? I spoke with one of their executives this week, and was told it might be the Javascript in my PC?!

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