A geeks’ shopping (wish) list for the holidays

Okay, I’m a geek. I love gadgets, games, and, er, “three girls” (wife, and two daughters). So in the spirit of the coming holidays, I will attempt to list down my own wish list — hoping I could buy one of them before the year ends.

  1. Rocking madness: Games are on top of my list this year because they’re accessible (and because I am a gamer). This website list down a few games that one should consider. But I would love to get the latest Guitar Hero II video game, which is fortunately available on the Xbox 360. This game is a sequel, and it wil be out in two weeks. I love guitar (and I play a real one), but this game will also make rockers of anyone who does not know how play those blazing guitar riffs.
  2. High definition TV. I hate to say it, but I do need to “upgrade” my flat screen TV with an LCD 64-inch television! I wish. Playing Guitar Hero II on a puny TV screen does not do justice to the game. Or if you want to catch the latest movie, well, an LCD TV would be welcome change. Check out how Wired felt testing some of the products in the market.
  3. I love my Flickr. Okay I’m officially a Flickr addict (YouTube too). But do you just feel awkward going on holidays without a digital camera? My wife does. She’s been bugging me this month to buy a digital camera. I’ve been testing so many cool cameras before that I never thought of buying one, until lately. So if you guys have any recommendations (budget-wise and quality-wise), I would love to hear them. I found this interesting buyer’s guide, by the way. I also find Steve’s digital camera wish list useful.
  4. Port your guitar music. I love guitar, as you may have noticed. And I would love to get this Guitar Port gadget/software that allows you to plug in you guitar in your computer to record, play with music, and learn. It also allows you to download music tracks for practicing. It’s a nifty invention that has been lauded by rock guitarists like Joe Satriani. Watch this video to understand how I feel.

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