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I’ve gained more friends in recent years through blogs. Yes, blogs are now becoming part of our emerging digital lifestyle. As one friend/writer puts it: “I treat it more as a sounding board for my thoughts and predilections.” [Thanks Arvin for the quote].

Over the past two years since I started blogging, I’ve met musicians, writers, journalists, animators, photographers, politicians, and other interesting people I would never imagine meeting in more traditional settings. Of course, I’m also a journalist so that’s an added bonus. Bloggers like journalists document life. Actually the lines separating these two professionals are blurring. Bloggers are often called citizen journalists these days, as if the journalists are not citizens themselves.

Social networking services have increasingly incorporated blogs. This is because people who want to connect to you also want to find out what you’re thinking. And for some people, blogging is one way to “think out loud” in cyberspace. Sometimes, though, you’ll be getting off-the-cuff remarks from some wiseguy.

So yes, if you blog, you’ll end up knowing more people. What a neat way of making friends (sometimes enemies, too).

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