Gaming and AGJA

Congratulations to Alex Villafania and Joey Alarilla for holding the second Asian Gaming Journalists Association (AGJA) “get together” cum Christmas party in EGG in Makati, Metro Manila.

This year-ender event was nothing but fun, fun, fun. The younger generation had a great time trying to defeat Alex in DOA4, while the young-at-heart and the girls played the Sony PS2 Eyetoy — a camera that has a motion detector. This nifty gaming device kept us busy playing various casual games like table tennis, boxing, and kung-fu among others. I was literally in the game, sweating it out. Now who said gamers can end up as couch potatoes. Not marketed as much as Wii’s controller, Eyetoy is perhaps the next best thing to Wii’s controller (but I would wait until Nintendo recalls all the “defective” controllers).

Anyway, I still have to get the list of this year’s attendees. But I think we’ve had a lot of guests this year. There were also a number of new members whom I saw walking by while I was being massacred in the NBA2k7 game.

Here’s an example of videos taken during the event by Hackenslash editor Joey Alarilla for Hackenslash TV.

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