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*&^%$ Gosh! For the nth time, I got hit again by trojans, while spyware continues to find its way onto my computer! Is there any solution to this?

I was looking for a keylogger detector program on, and found one. But when I started running it, nothing much happened except that it opened a windows menu showing programs with suspected keylogger programs in it. So I quickly killed those “processes” or programs. Then that was that. Then I checked backed on the website to see the user’s review of the software. That’s when I found out that…anyway, you know the rest.

At the time of this posting, Trend Micro’s PC-cilin found at least 14 viruses in my PC, mostly trojans (or computer programs that open backdoors into a system meant to steal or takeover my computer). One of the lethal viruses detected was this malware identified as TSPY_SINOWAL.BH.
So this is what I get after having an antivirus program, a Windows Defender, and a Search and Destory program installed. We humans are still the weakest link!!!

As you can see in this screen capture of my PC, spyware is really a menace. I do scans everyday and to my dismay, find the same spyware in my computer. sigh. Spyware by the way, are programs that lie dormant in your PC. But they’re actually busy stealing information, such as username and passwords, with the intent of using it (i.e. credit card information).

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