Happy b-day (and having good health)

Today is my wife’s birthday. Sadly, we’re going to “celebrate” it in the hospital with my sick young daughter Fiona who had been sick with cough, colds and on-and-off fever for the past few days. Initial diagnosis indicate she has lower respiratory infection. Dengue had been ruled out. Thank God. Last night, her doctor suspects that she might have asthma, considering I have a history of asthma in my family.

This morning, my daughter seems to have recovered. She’s the typical two-year old who couldn’t stay still for long. She wants to move around, play, and watch her favorite movie Shrek (wonder where I got her name? ;-)) I hope our doctors would finally send her home today.

This recent event made me realize the importance of having your kids enrolled in an HMO. I have one but my kids are not yet enrolled. As the weather changes abruptly (I noticed that kids were mostly admitted to the Emergency Room last night as we waited for the doctor’s diagnosis), it is prudent to be ready for the inevitable. I remember writing a story on how Filipinos spend for healthcare years ago. It showed that we usually spend out-of-pocket, and don’t invest much on healthcare. Sigh.

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