Spell slowww

Having been “offline” for the past few days has both its benefits and disadvantages. Let’s start with the former.

  1. I have more time to catch up on my readings for my online class.
  2. I have more time for my kids, family, and myself to reflect mostly.
  3. I can save up on electricity.
  4. Had more sleep in years.
  5. Experienced less stress.
  6. No more headaches (still related with number 5).
  7. No e-mails to answer, no spam to delete.
  8. No computer virus to deal with (been doing this recently).
  9. Possible “tendonitis” from chatting with various people avoided.
  10. Peace.


  1. Got hundreds, no thousands, of e-mails, with less than a hundred that I need to reply to.
  2. News deprivation at its peak.
  3. I miss my online friends (they’re a handful though hahaha)
  4. I miss my online pet (I think I killed it).
  5. My PC gathers dust (now I need to clean it).
  6. I don’t get to watch YouTube.
  7. I miss my iTunes.
  8. Too much sleep can “kill” you.
  9. I still get spammed.
  10. I still get computer virus.
  11. The world passes by, and it actually forgets you. You’re just a bit that resides somewhere in the net.

One of my friends observed that I spend a lot of time online everyday. They could not imagine me being away from my PC for days. Well, it is refreshing feeling to get away for a while and as they say, to smell the flowers. But in my case, I was away watching and waiting for my daughter’s recovery in a hospital. The closest I got to smelling the roses was, er, after 😉 This does not mean though I regretted last week’s online deprivation. In my book, family is first before anything else.

Have a nice day!

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