A rise in ‘eyeballs’ & the $200 PC

(UPDATED) Please indulge me. Thanks to mentions in at least two popular blogs and INQUIRER Infotech column (here, here, and here), I’ve seen the number of readers of this blog rise. Wow! Thanks to Joey and the Blogging Journalist. Honestly, I feel a bit anxious knowing that more and more people are reading this blog 😉 I know Joey is. 😉 My previous comment here prompted him to react on this idea that “bloggers and journalists are becoming one.” But it’s all good, as the Blogging Journalist pointed out. Now, more people will know that we do engage in healthy debates. And more will know about our country and cyberculture (Yes we do have a lot, and increasing number of Filpino bloggers, including journalists who blog).

Back to what I intend to write about: Remember Nicholas Negroponte’s $100 laptop project? Well, the Philippine government has recently disclosed a similar initiative that aims to bring a $200 computing device to the Philippines with the help of local and foreign institutions and vendors.

The PC will run on two flavors of Linux, Puppy Linux and Edubuntu. Several configurations are now being tested, as I write this. But just to give you an idea, these are the partner vendors. Also see photo inset.

  • Red Fox AMD
  • eWay TU/TK
  • Gigabyte T7.

Government said the the Red Fox AMD computer will be tested in February, while the VIA powered computers (eWay, Eden and T7) will follow.

Read more details here.

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  1. Kabsat, I think what CICT is pushing fits your agency’s need. It’s a lot cheaper and it runs on open source software. I recently checked Edubuntu. Looks nice! Happy reading! Salamat kabsat! Addu pay iti mabasam idtoy nga mabilin i-bookmark hehehe

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