Unionbank: ‘System maintenance’ downs ATMs

What do they mean by “system maintenance?” Can they just say, “We’re having problems with our system and you won’t be able to access it.” Simple English and easy to understand. Such euphemisms can be irritating and confusing for most people.

Last week, I got calls and was informed about the trouble Unionbank of the Philippines account holders were experiencing. So today, we checked what the ruckus was about, thus our story. Excerpt:

UNIONBANK of the Philippines, through its customer services group acknowledged that its automated teller machine (ATM) network went down last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, INQUIRER.net learned.

“As of this moment, we’re doing system maintenance. But you should be able to gain access to your ATM account for withdrawals only,” a customer service representative told INQUIRER.net on Monday.

This is not really the first time Unionbank suffered a major network problem. I wrote a story last year that revealed that thousands of balance inquiries and withdrawals by government employees and private sector employees created a major headache for the local bank.

This recent development prompted one of my colleagues to ask: is Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas penalizing local banks for not being able to provide quality of service for days? Well, at least the telecommunications companies are penalized.

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