How poorest Filipinos spend on mobile phone

Even the poorest of the poor Filipinos spend an average of $2 a month on mobile phone services, a recent study has shown.

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MANILA, Philippines — Poor Filipinos living off a shoestring budget nonetheless spend about $2 a month on mobile telecommunications, according to a recent study done in five developing countries in Asia.

Hoping to understand the telecommunications use of people from the “bottom of the pyramid” of socioeconomic classification, “Teleuse on a Shoestring 2: A study of telecom use at the bottom of the pyramid in Asia” revealed that telecommunications access was prevalent even among poor Filipinos.

“We found out that in Philippines’ poorest households, there were at least one phone available,” Ayesha Zainudeen, assistant to the executive director and researcher of LIRNEAsia, which presented the study’s results, told reporters.

About 70 percent of the poorest Filipinos have access to a phone, in particular a mobile phone from a friend or a household member, Zainudeen said at the Communication Policy Research (CPR) South conference in Manila.

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