Introducing Mongster

I recently featured Filipino blogger Mong Palatino who also blogs for Global Voices, a global network of bloggers.

Excerpt of the story:

ANOTHER Filipino is making waves in the blogosphere.

Mong Palatino, 27, is an activist, writer, editor, aspiring educator, and now a blogger who has been tapped by Global Voices to be the Philippines’ eyes and ears in this global network of bloggers.

Palatino (who owns Mongster’s Nest) started blogging in 2004 after writing a column for, a website run by Filipino Edric Eder.

Last June 2006, Global Voices invited him to blog about the Philippines. His profile in Global Voices identifies him as a “Filipino street parliamentarian, net activist and aspiring educator, apart from being the news editor of Yehey!, a Philippine-based web portal.”

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