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It was a long day that ended on a high-note. Just to give you an idea, we’re about to make another first on but I would hold off discussing it until it’s up. But as you’ve already seen for the past weeks, we have beefed up our multimedia content on the website. We have launched TV/Hackenslash TV, Radio on, and recently our maiden podcast that centered on gaming news, reviews and personalities. Listen to it and learn a few things about the Philippine gaming industry.
Also recently, I have doubled as a photographer, videographer, and online reporter thanks to the power of phone cameras (a Nokia N80) and the Blackberry. All these developments make up the new media me, a concocted phrase to describe another blog that I used to post assignments for a convergent journalism course that I just finished. Now, it’s become my little virtual nook for discussing new media.


The long day ended with Joey and me deciding to have a before-midnight-snack at a famous local fastfood. During our brief dinner, we realized how far and fast we’ve arrived at this juncture in our careers as online journalists.

What is an online journalist anyway? No, we’re no longer shoveling content from the newspaper to the web. We’re producing more content (not to mention breaking news) that is closer to what the new media world calls, well surprise, surprise: multimedia. This is beyond breaking stories. People viewing stories on the Internet expect an assault on the senses. They just don’t want to read news. They want to see, hear, and even taste it (the last one is an exaggeration but you’ll never know, right?)
Just to give you an idea what I meant, here’s a recent video clip I took for

Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez talks about the nuisance senatorial candidates and the “interesting” platforms they’re espousing.

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  1. thanks erwin. tired but happy after finally uploading eleksyon 2007 podcast haha.

    that was a great conversation last night. i like that, the new media me. basta was yung new media in name lang hahaha 🙂

    it’s either multimedia or dead media 🙂


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