Actor Cesar Montano will run after all

Wearing a blue baseball New York Yankees cap, a striped blue long-sleeve, and jeans, actor Cesar Montano went to the Commission on Elections Friday night to replace Leyte governor Jericho Petilla who decided to back out of the senatorial race to run as governor again.

Employees of the Commission on Elections, the media , and onlookers swarmed and jockeyed for the best spot at the poll body’s office, as the award-winning actor filed his certificate of candidacy.

Here’s the video clip from TV.

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4 thoughts on “Actor Cesar Montano will run after all”

  1. Philippine politics is becoming a serious joke now after seeing most of the candidates ridiculed themselves in their TV ad just to win a vote from the masses. Not to mention several movie actors whom newpapers labeled them as actor-turned-politicians. It’s funny to think how these people have to take crash course in politics when stealing does not need higher or formal education. What can an actor do in the senate when he himself can not even construct a 50-worded paragraph with good sense and grammar? It will just be another fella sleeping during sessions like we had once who’s a basketball star but a suck when mixed with the intellects. Getting elected is really like striking a gold mine. Ever wonder why some would result to killing their political opponents just ensure their win when being a public servant does not give them a decent salary? Bullshit if you would hear a politician tell you that they are donating their salary to the poor? Who needs a P30k salary if you can steal more than that? Pity for us Filipino masses as we are just being used like a wothless whore in the in dark streets of Manila. It’s so sad to think that the world is laughing at us for what stupidity we are doing to our country.

    My countrymen, please don’t sit on your brain with your lame arse. Get up and think! Know your candidates very well and choose the most clever candidate who would not be caught stealing. They are all thieves anyway.

  2. Thanks Pablo. It’s really sad. But let’s see. I’m very curious how they intend to win the hearts and hopefully minds of Pinoys without resorting to mundane tactics.

  3. Well let’s face it that these high-profile nuisance candidate will surely win. Filipinos think these people will still find time to grab a hand from the masses after they get a comfy seat in senate where they can spend their afternoon siesta while being paid by taxpayers money. To all the celebrities running for public office, remember this: YOUR BRAINS ARE NOT FOR THINKING JOBS! GET REAL! STOP DREAMING!

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