A stickler for words


Pronunciation: 'sti-k(&-)l&r
Function: noun

1 : one who insists on exactness or completeness in the observance of something stickler for the rules>
2 : something that baffles or puzzles POSER, STICKER

(Source: Merriam-Webster online)

As journalists, we’re expected to insist on exactness or completeness of stories. We call this accuracy. The same applies to language and writing. Years of writing news has made my writing, well, formulaic. I’m expected to at least deliver the 5Ws and 1H and the “So What” in all my stories. Nothing more, nothing less. Also, I follow the pyramid style, where details are placed at the end. This is the traditional newspaper style of writing. And it has not really gone out of style.Recently, however, I’ve become a stickler for words. Thanks to a creative writing (workshop) course I’m enrolled in. Okay, I must admit I was terrified at the beginning. But unleashing the muse was like a roller-coaster ride. There were times–okay most of the time — I always felt my b^%$# leaving its rightful place and moving up to the level of my neck as I plunged into the realm of the unfamiliar territory of creative writing.

Of course, there were breaks in between — a moment of relief when everything seemed “Okay.” But before you could even bask in that moment and take a breather, the ride plunges back into insecurity, fear and eventually numbness. Everything becomes a blur. But in your mind, your thoughts are racing. You want to say something. But the sheer adrenaline (save the volumes of blood pumping from your heart) stops those words. You can only scream in excitement. Wohoooo!!!!

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  1. I guess that’s expected of every journalist, i.e., to be able to write in every genre–whether straight, feature, creative and whatever topic politics, sports etc. You’re not alone, actually it’s my waterloo–creative writing. A friend of mine suggested a few books to get your right brain working. 🙂

    God bless!

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