Kabataan woos youth vote on YouTube

Party list candidate Kabataan (the Youth) goes for cheaper alternatives for campaigning: YouTube and the Internet.

Hoping to target the young and educated voters, they launched a viral campaign on YouTube that features top Filipino celebrities like Angel Aquino, Dennis Trillo, Ciaro Sotto, and Paolo Ballesteros.

Excerpt of INQUIRER.net story.

Kabataan woos youth vote on YouTube, Internet
Gets young celebrities on bandwagon

By Erwin Oliva
Last updated 01:36pm (Mla time) 02/26/2007
MANILA, Philippines — You’re young. You’re committed. You’re seeking public office. And you’re practically penniless.

How do you mount a campaign without the millions of pesos needed for television and radio ads to reach your hoped-for constituency?

Kabataan (Youth), which is seeking House seats in the May elections for party-list groups, seems to have found the answer, wooing the youth and educated voters on the Internet.

The group’s slick campaign video clip featuring celebrities Angel Locsin and Dennis Trillo and other artists endorsing the group is now making the rounds of YouTube, an Internet-based video hosting service, and local blogs.

Here’s the video  clip  from YoutTube:

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6 thoughts on “Kabataan woos youth vote on YouTube”

  1. i do like their tactic of getting the attention of those who are connected online. at least, they are able to reach a wide scope. who knows? maybe this would work for them.

  2. hi atomicgirl. First I like your name. It sounds explosive! haha. Thanks for dropping by. Yes…this is a relatively new medium that the YOUNGER party list groups are using to reach out to the educated and connected Filipinos. But considering that you and I and about 9 million more Filipinos are online…(and think about how many are eligible to vote out of that population), the Internet is just one way to reach them. TV remains kings, sadly.

  3. hey cyberbaguioboy! thanks for that compliment. explosive huh? anyhow, i really do think that their online campaign method is going to be quite fruitful. i have to see them on TV though. but here in legazpi, posters are everywhere already. and mong palatino says in his blog that they have yet to send out campaign materials here. now, that’s good news!

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