USAToday goes web 2.0

Allow readers to comment on every story. Set up a profile page where readers can connect to other readers. Allow readers to tag reports. Give people the power to digg and recommend stories to others. And viola, you’re on web 2.0. USAToday is apparently on the verge of a major shift to a more interactive website. You can call it social networking, web 2.0, but it’s about reaching to more readers in hopes of building an online community.

Steve Rubel observes:

This is exactly the direction USA Today needs to follow. However, it doesn’t go quite far enough. In addition to building these features, the media need to bridge their communities to the ones where we already spend our time. RSS, widgets and embedded content would help here. For example, USA Today should let us add our blog, Twitter or Facebook feeds or even embedded YouTube vids to our profile pages.

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