On Blog Addicts: Shiksa from Manila

I admire people who can write good stories. With mere words, they can take you to a made-up world. It can be full of joy, sadness, anger, rage, or fear. They can make the ordinary special. Sophia Romero’s Shiksa from Manila is an example. Blog Addicts has recently featured her blog, which contains stories. Her latest is titled, The Hypenated Life.


My name is Amapola and I am the shiksa from Manila…

A hyphen is a small bar that looks like a minus sign. The dictionary further describes the hyphen as a punctuation mark used to divide or connect two words; to describe a person who performs more than one function; to describe a unit of mixed or diverse backgrounds.

To me the hyphen is all that. For something no bigger than a period, it means so much more. It describes the life I lead: a life that straddles two worlds, the tight rope that connects me to both, maintaining the delicate balancing act between the life I had before and the life I have now.

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