Mobility = telecommuting

Are you mobile? Do you telecommute? If you’re answer is yes to both questions then you’re officially “wired” or should I say “plugged.” Wireless technology is all around you. It is impossible to miss a text message these days, unless you’re battery is dead. And you sometimes throw a tantrum when you find out a coffee shop does not offer wi-fi.

A recent study from Avaya involving about 200 executives says mobility improves employee productivity, enhances customer service, and finds new business opportunities.

I think there’s a lot more to mobility and telecommuting. It extends your office to your home, keeps you awake at night, and ruins your social life (because you would rather face your laptop than your friends in the coffee shop ;-)).

Seriously, there are more things you can do with mobility. You can use wireless cameras to act as traffic cameras (currently being done in Taiwan) to monitor and manage Metro Manila’s traffic and violators. Wireless technology can be used in disaster areas (again a useful technology in the Philippines). Mobility and computing can be used by citizens to report crimes directly to police. Wireless technology can be used to connect more schools to the Internet. Applications are limitless.

The (Avaya) study also shows that most executives allow workers to telecommute or work remotely to improve productivity.

True. But you also have to consider how much office space and power is saved when you allow people to work at home or on the road.

Finally, the more important benefit of mobility is that you can now blog while you’re out on a beach ;-).

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3 thoughts on “Mobility = telecommuting”

  1. It is such a wonderful concept – office on the go – but the trouble in a big metropolis like London is that there is hardly ever room for one to pull out the laptop or even the mobile phone during the commuting hours! It’s ultra packed!

    Anyway, I do like the idea of having wi-fi around the city. Just sit in a park bench in Hyde Park and post to your blog! Saves time having to go to Starbucks and paying £10 for a 24-hour connection.

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