Comelec to take down online voters’ list amid privacy issues

Finally, the Commission on Elections has decided to take down a 2004 list of voters in the National Capital Region. Some people have raised concerns about this database that has been available online. It’s a goldmine for identity thieves.

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4 thoughts on “Comelec to take down online voters’ list amid privacy issues”

  1. What was the purpose of having it available online in the first place? Sorry, I’ve been so out of touch with news like these from Pinas.

  2. the objective was good but they should have made it secured for the voters to identify themselves like keying-in their voter’s ID number to access their full information. Not just making it available as an enticing bait for identity thefts, but if it was already published and forwarded to mails then I think the damage has been done (would a lawsuit follow???!).

  3. charlie, Jim

    Comelec says it is meant to help voters identify their precincts. It’s been up online since 2004. Thanks to the vigilance and prodding of some people, it was taken down. apparently, identity theft is not yet in the vocabulary of the poll body…unlike in other countries like the US.

  4. I love getting the letters, but please usually do not go telling folks they are going for getting about one particular a week. I have been lucky for getting just one a month. You need to do a little better than that….or cease the pinocchio stories at the extremely least. If one a month is what it is, then that is what it is.

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