unveils Google Earth elections map

Here’s interesting application of Google Earth launched by for its Eleksyon 2007 coverage. I read this recent development from @play by Joey Alarilla.


TO FURTHER enhance our online coverage of the upcoming Philippine elections in May, we’ve beefed up our Eleksyon 2007 site by adding a Google Earth map and a survey section.

The Eleksyon 2007 Google Earth map allows you to click on any marker on the Philippine map to see the number of voters per province, broken down by municipality and city. The figures are as of the 2004 elections.

Meanwhile, the Survey Says section offers comparative charts based on the Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia surveys to allow readers to keep track of the survey rankings of candidates over the course of the campaign.

The Eleksyon 2007 Google Earth map is one of the pet projects of editor in chief JV Rufino and we’re proud of the effort our tech team poured into this site feature, which they’ve been working on in stealth mode in addition to a long list of projects.

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