we need a Superman today

(Photo taken from Wikipedia, Cover to Superman v2, #204, April 2004. Pencils by Jim Lee, inks by Scott Williams.)

I’ve been doing some readings on Superman. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of having a red cape so I could fly. Oh, yes I also wore my underwear on top of my tight pajama. I wanted to become invincible just like The Man of Steel. I also wished I had the X-ray Vision but I had naughty thoughts about that, ha,ha. For me, Superman embodied the “ideal” superhero. He was and is still my superhero.

Some people don’t like him that much though. The Boy Scout in a blue suit and red cape, Superman was someone I wished to be. Earth’s accidental savior, he was an alien who managed to hide his real superpower under a mild-mannered mask of Clark Kent. From the very beginning, it was clear he was destined his find his place on Earth. But it was also evident that Superman was just like us. He fell in love. He got hurt. He was betrayed. He had enemies, lots of them. But he also had a family who gave him the moral compass. He carried this great responsibility to keep our world safe from the numerous villains who wanted it destroyed.

I think we need a Superman today!

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5 thoughts on “we need a Superman today”

  1. Erwin. I dread to imagine you wearing red underwear outside of your blue tights. Perhaps pink is a better colour for you?

    Hope you’re well!


  2. If we have Superman around, Lex Luthor is just around the corner 🙂

    Like you, am a Superman fan. In fact, am into Smallville just to find out how he accepted his fate.

  3. atomicgirl, so that means….ehem, you can be Lois?

    Sonnie, I’m also a Smallvile fan. But it seems that the story has been stretched way too far. It’s become very monotonous.

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