why we watch YouTube more than TV

Is the boob tube the noob tube? Joey Alarilla asks in his @Play blog. To add to this discussion, I offer you my own, well, thoughts.
1. I hate advertisements slammed down my throat. Remember the boxing fight between, oh you know who. I recall waiting for hours to find out who won the fight when somebody (okay, a friend abroad) sent me a text message spoiling the suspense. Now, ask me will you watch TV now if you can find out everything quickly online?

2. There are more content online & soon on mobile phones. Admit it, guys. You watch more YouTube/Google Video/Yahoo! Video/Metacafe (you get what I mean) than television. I know you even download most of Smallville’s episodes online after seeing them on YouTube. Yes, they’re copyrighted content. But are they available locally? No. Joey mentions about Hero. I also love that series. But is the DVD set or online counterpart available to Filipino buyers? Not necessarily.

3. YouTube is more candid than “reality TV.” Nalts of Will Video for Food blogged about this recently. He writes:

When my Bored at Mall” was featured on Break.com I was reminded how much people like real reactions to staged situations. It’s what made Candid Camera, Punked and “Trigger Happy TV.”

This weekend we did two similar videos, which are currently topping the list of most discussed and highest rated comedies on YouTube (see image below). It began when my nephew’s friend, Spencer, showed up at our house eager to make a video. He’s been watching my videos, and volunteered to do practically anything.

Here’s a prank done by Nalts, which has generated so much interest online. (Disclaimer: Don’t take this seriously. Just don’t fart laughing).

4. YouTube = Younger audience.

Read this BBC report, Online Video Eroding TV viewing, and you’ll understand why. Excerpt:

The online video boom is starting to eat into TV viewing time, an ICM survey of 2,070 people for the BBC suggests.

Some 43% of Britons who watch video from the internet or on a mobile device at least once a week said they watched less normal TV as a result.

And online and mobile viewing is rising – three quarters of users said they now watched more than they did a year ago.

5. It is viral, and yes, it’s free! Let’s pretend that there are no legal cases filed against YouTube. But really there are a lot of copyrighted content landing online. And there’s no stopping it. Now, you ask why again? An entry on Lifehacker offers this explanation: TV is for suckers. Wendy Boswell writes:

I am not a fan of most shows on the boob tube, mostly because it’s a ginormous waste of time to sit through commercials. Instead of watching network shows, I’ll either A) wait for the DVD set (i.e., Family Guy) or B) catch ’em on the webernets. Here’s just a few sites that can help you get your TV-watching all done and save you from the time-wasting ads.

She also provides a list of what she calls “TV on the Web.” You will need a fast Internet connection though to watch the streaming videos.

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