(UPDATE) Nation held hostage

It was a tense day yesterday for more than 20 children and their tutors. For 10 hours, children and their teachers were held hostage inside a bus parked near the Manila City Hall. The children were freed later. While I was covering the happenings at the Commission on Elections (Comelec), everyone was distracted by this hostage crisis. The man behind it, civil engineer Armando “Jun” Ducat, said he did it to call attention to corruption in government. He has been known to pull such “stunts” in the past, but this grabbed the nation’s and the world’s attention for hours. Ducat is also owner of a daycare center in Tondo, Manila.

Here’s a video clip taken by our reporter Tetch Torres early that day. You can also listen to audio clips of Ducat’s demand here and here.

Mighty Dacs calls yesterday’s hostage drama just plain madness. She writes:

Damn, we were LIVE on CNN today. And all because some day-care center guy decided to hostage his own wards to fight for education for the poor.


Even though he had food and air conditioning for the pre-school kids, he did have with him hand grenades and a gun.

And who acted as negotiators? Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and Mr. Chavit “Whistleblower” Singson. Tsss. Showbuzz.

As I was watching the live coverage on GMA7 around the time the hostage-takers promised to release the children, here comes some school (I can’t remember which one, so I’d rather not say) to the rescue, promising that if the hostage-kids were freed then they’d take care of their elementary and high school education.

Hellooo?!!! Eh di lahat nalang tayo mang-hostage ng mga toddler para puro scholarship yung mga kabataan ngayon pagdating nila sa grade school at highschool. D-uh!!!

Another video clip on YouTube from NBN:

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