Requiem: PBS on media murder worldwide

I read this from Sylvia Mayuga’s breaking story on Global Nation (Thanks JV). It features Sheila Coronel, formerly of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, looking at the dangers faced by today’s journalists in different countries. Below is an introduction from Frontline World‘s video report titled “Requiem”:

At a time when fair and accurate news coverage is more essential than ever, 2006 marked one of the deadliest years on record for journalists. Surprisingly, despite the fierce fighting in Iraq, most of the slain journalists did not die in combat. They were deliberately targeted, hunted down, and murdered for investigating corruption, crime, or human rights abuses in countries around the world. In Requiem, FRONTLINE/World essayist Sheila Coronel looks at the dangers journalists confront as they try to tell their stories and pays special tribute to reporters working in the Philippines, Russia, Turkey, Zimbabwe, China and Iraq who have been killed, jailed, or exiled for daring to speak truth to power.

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