‘Bloggers are journalists’

Jayvee Fernandez of A Bugged Life sent me this message about a podcast he did featuring a local PR executive talking about ‘bloggers as journalist.” It is an intriguing discussion, which highlights a changing view of the bloggers’ role in the market.

The podcast, about 25 minutes long, features PR executive Geiser Maclang discussing her work as a “publicist” and how her firm is increasingly eyeing bloggers for publicity.

Joey Alarilla discussed this recently in Blog Addicts in a post titled, “Let’s be bloggers for truth.

At times as humorous as it was heartfelt, the good priest’s prayer was a timely reminder of our need to be responsible bloggers. Sure, we blog for different reasons, and as I’ve said many times, including in this blog post for CNET Asia, bloggers are not journalists, and journalists, even though we may blog, are journalists first, with different standards, different values, than bloggers.

This does not mean, however, that we cannot celebrate our differences, and learn from each other. Frankly, the danger I see now in everyone’s mad rush to become bloggers, and of companies, politicians and other groups to court the favor of bloggers, is that people may no longer see the need for objectivity, or learn to distinguish press releases from real stories.

I’ve also posted this topic on Blog Addicts this week.

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