Twitter and the power of one-liners

I have finally surrendered to the powers of Twitter.

To those unfamiliar with this new innovation in, er, communication and social networking, Twitter will test how well you are in one-liners. It is essentially blogging but you’re only allowed to tell everything in 140 characters (I think that’s the same limit as your regular text message).

Twitter is fast becoming a global community of users (Scoble, Borat) answering one question, “What are you doing?” –actually that’s the one-liner you’ll see on the website.

So what’s the big deal and how come the likes of Borat, Scoble and Stephen Colbert are hooked on Twitter? Well, it extends the concept of social networking to mobile blogging. I believe some people want to let their friends know what they’re doing (but some would say this is just plain crazy). Get a life man! Okay, okay. But it goes beyond that. There are a number of other applications like sending quotes: Iheartquotes, which offers amusing and interesting quotes.

That’s all that I can say for now about Twitter. I want you to try it. If you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe easily. Leo Laporte just did that recently.

Oh, you can set Twitter to receive “updates” from friends on your instant messaging client (Google chat) or your mobile phone (this you’ll have to pay as you receive text messages).

The beauty with Twitter is that it will allow you to send a tight sentence while you’re on the move. This can also be a great tool for journalists, I think.

At the moment, most users feel that this is a cute way of letting your friends know what you’re doing/thinking at the moment.

Lately, it has become a good tool for advertising.

p.s. There’s a rival service called Jaiku, which offers the same kind of service.

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