Hot day!

I just can’t take the heat! The temperature says it’s 32 degrees Celsius here in Metro Manila. But I feel the temperature is more than that. It’s definitely humid.

Check this map and the effects of Global Warming on Asia.

This map is based on observations made by scientists all over the world. They explain:

Since the Global Warming: Early Warning Signs map was originally released in November 1999, the picture of how global warming can affect us has become increasingly clear. By now it is very apparent that a warming climate could have substantial and direct impacts on the health of our ecosystems, food and water sources, and on humans, especially children and the elderly. It is well understood that these impacts will occur around the globe and will disproportionately affect the poorest members of our global community.

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  1. A terrific time Saturday night. We surprised my parents and they were thriled when they got there..Thanks! I had been told by the photo booth person that footage would be online. Where are they?

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